Make Muskrat Right - Ottawa Demonstration

On the tenth day of his hunger strike Inuk artist Billy Gauthier brought his message to Ottawa in an effort to bring greater public attention to concerns over the Muskrat Falls hydro electric project. Gauthier was joined by his mother Mitzi Gauthier, Jerry Kohlmeister and Delilah Saunders the latter two have joined Gauthier in the hunger strike. Concerns over methylmercury contamination have been raised by a Harvard University study that states the flooding of the Lower Churchill River could cause elevated methylmercury levels downstream in Lake Melville. Lake Melville is a salt-water estuary that serves as traditional fishing and hunting grounds for the Innu and Inuit of Central Labrador. Make Muskrat Right has become a movement galvanizing the people of Labrador against the Nalcor project, which is a crown corporation of the Newfoundland and Labrador Government. Flooding was to begin in late October but a group of 50 protesters entered the project site on October 22 and have occupied the site until the company agrees to clear all vegetation in the 42 square kilometer flood zone.